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Our inspections take from 2 to 4 hours, depending on the size, age and changes to the original construction. It is important for us to gather as much information as possible and manage time accordingly. We concentrate on such things as serial numbers and model numbers of mechanical systems and electrical, natural gas, and water services; the important references for home owners. Access to the roof and attic space, which are hazardous areas, are also done by the inspector alone for safety reasons. It is preferable that these aspects are covered before we begin on the home introduction.

A detailed and comprehensive report will follow the inspection and will involve a complete tour of the home, inside and out. This will be useful as a reference in the future should you ever require renovations and will educate you on your home. At this time we will explain the systems to you, how they operate, how you will be influenced by them and how best to maintain them. Any deficiencies and/or defects are brought to light. Safety issues are covered and all your questions will be answered.

Finally, we offer a Free phone consultation, regarding any issues or questions that you may have forgotten at the time or simply inquiring about afterwards. We make ourselves available to you, regarding any issues or questions that you may have forgotten at the time or simply inquiring about afterwards. We make ourselves available to you.

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Structure: consisting of the foundation, walls, floors, ceilings, columns, beams and roof members. These are the components that incorporate the real strength or skeleton of the home.
Laundry Rooms: plumbing, ventilation, receptacles, lights, cabinetry, tubs, taps and faucets.
Attic: insulation, ventilation and framing.
Roofing: including, coverings, drainage, flashings, drip edges, chimneys, skylights, eaves and soffits and downspouts, vents and all protrusions through the decking and covering and any visible roof-related issues.
Interior: walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, railings banisters, windows, doors, egress and insulation and vapor retarders in unfinished spaces.
Electrical: service entrance, main and distribution panels, amperage and voltage of service, main shut off, branch circuit conductors and their over current protection, receptacles, polarity and grounding, switches and light fixtures.
Garage: vehicle doors, man doors, openers, automatic closers, floors and gas proofing.
Exterior: including lot grading, drainage, drip edges, eaves and downspouts, stairs, railings, walkways, retaining walls, decks and porches, exterior finishes such as siding and brick veneer, trim, all protrusions through the home, to the outside, including intake and exhaust vents, windows and doors, electrical service entrance, natural gas service, central air conditioning components, garages, garage doors and door openers, exposed foundation walls and trees, shrubs and vines which may be causing or have pertinacity to cause future problems.
Bathrooms: showers, tubs, sinks, taps and faucets, toilets, valves, cabinets, exhaust fans, drains, piping and functional water flow.
Heating: outputs of furnaces and boilers, radiators, heat rise of running furnace, flues, piping, ducting, air flow at registers, filtration, thermostat controls, heat recovery ventilators and humidifiers, if present.
Cooling: outputs, thermostat controls, line temperatures and air flows at registers.
Kitchens: cabinets, sinks, faucets, drainage, ventilation, outlets and lights.
Plumbing: main shut-offs, piping materials, supply and waste piping, cross connections, hose bibs, clean-outs, water pressure, flow, hot water heaters, gas supply pipes, meter and main shut off, traps and venting.

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